Chaina Sirsinhs


Chaina Sirsinhs

Half Thai/Half Dominican Republic

Passion: acting, singing, all sports and scuba diving.

My Passion is my driver


Lets start way back when my parents met… They were both international students studying in Dover, Delaware. My dad came all the way fromThailand and my mom from the Dominican Republic. They fell in love in school and decided to say their vowels when they were 20 years old. According to my uncles, they had their PDA session and showed their love to the world for five years. Then they decided to have their first child, Charina Sirisinha. To this day I still have never encountered a half Thai, half Dominican girl yet.

After I was born, my dad decided that he wanted to move his family back to Thailand… The place where I call home, where I grew up and where all my skills and experiences sparked.

My family put me into one of the top all girls school in Bangkok Thailand. Mater Dei School, where I spent 12 years of my life with my friends whom I call family to this day. The activities that my mom chose for me when I was in my childhood up to my teenage years were Ballet, Piano and horse back riding… All of them I do gracefully throughout the days that I was growing up. But my passion lays elsewhere. I grew up to a family of singers… My grandfather is the microphone hogger of all parties, my dad on the other hand will get a chance of a song or two but will be the one stealing the limelight from my grandfather. My mom has an aunt who was a professional singer in the Dominican Republic. My mom always said “You started singing even before you started speaking”

I remember fighting with my mom occasionally about wanting to take singing, acting and dancing classes… she won’t allow me. Claiming that I’m already born with these talents.

At the age of 13, My dad brought me over for a karaoke party with his friends. Little that I know, one of them worked in Thailand’s number one record label, GMM GRAMMY. I’m not sure if my dad did this intentionally just for his friend to see me sing. At the end of the night, I received an invitation to go in for a screen test.

I was the happiest 13 year old girl that night. It was my dream to be a performer. I did not want to be a regular girl, that only has to go to school then decide what she wants to do later in life when she reaches university. I had big dreams… And it was about to come true.

I got accepted into GMM GRAMMY a couple weeks after I went in for the screen test. The record label put me into artist training for almost two years. Singing, dancing, personalty classes… you name it. They also put me together with a two other girls, whom I call my sisters from another mister till this day… We have become a band…. Our name was ZAZA.

ZAZA’s first album came out when I was 15 years old, and my career shot upwards from there. Of course having the best mom and dad in the world they force me to finish school while I was following my dreams. Yes falling asleep in class along the way is normal for a teenage girl hustling to get what she wants, but all of that shaped me into the lady I am today.

Now, I can proudly say that I have achieved my goals and dreams inThailand. Having 6 albums out with my girls, starred in multiple Thai movies and soap opera, hosting my own TV show and Radio show and also did modeling and commercial along the way.

Now it is time for me to grow elsewhere… career wise, there is no better place for me to show the world my skills and my ability to shine than Los Angeles.

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