Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha

Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha (born: July 13, 1991), or nickname Pattie , is a Thai filmand television actress and model. She was a lead actress in Hormones in 2008 and Bangkok Traffic Love Story in 2009.

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Pattie has one elder brother and two elder sisters. She has a Chinese ancestry. Pattie attended primary school at Sacred Heart Convent school although she is Buddhist. During high school at Convent of the Infant Jesus, in Bangkok, her concentration was Business Chinese. Pattie was a cheerleader and class leader who enjoyed participating in extracurricular activities including sports. Her favorite sports are badminton and wakeboarding.


Name: Ungsumalin Sirapatsakmetha
Nickname: Pat / Pattie
Profession: actress
Date of birth: Aug. 13, 1991
Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
Height: 165cm
Siblings: 3 older siblings, Pat is the youngest out of 4.
Marital Status: dating Dan Worrawech Danuwong
Best friend: Toey Jarinporn Joonkiat, Min Peechaya Wattanamontree, & Peak Patsaya Kreursuwansiri
Hobbies: watch movies, listen to music, play sports, shopping, and spending time with family
Education: attending CIJ (Convent of the Infant Jesus)

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