Bee was introduced by “Araya Intra” one of the famous fashion stylist in Thailand.Fashion shooting of JASPAL is her first job since she was 14 ,followed by a lot of fashion model job and some music video shooting.In 1999,the making of “Rak Mak Kern Pai” music video brought her to become a singer.Also her outstanding character,she became an actress in 2001 as seen in her first drama “Lued Hong”.She also be a New Face for Lady’s products and Brand’s Ambassador for mobile phone recently.Here’re some of her works beyond her Filmography and Discography.

Full name : Namthip Jongrachatawiboon
Nickname : Bee
Date of birth : 23 November 1982
Height : 177 cms
Weight : 50 kgs

Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-01 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-02 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-03 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-04 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-05

Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-09 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-10
Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-12 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-13 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-14 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-15 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-16 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-17 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-18 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-19 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-20 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-21 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-22 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-23 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-24 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-25 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-26 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-27 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-28 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-29 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-30 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-31 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-32 Namthip-Jongrachatawiboon-33

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