Eri Otoguro


Eri is a Japanese / Thai model and actress who was born in Bangkok, Thailand. Her first appearance was in Onechanbara: The Movie and also in Shutter a Japanese / American Horror movie based on the original Thai version Shutter.

Name: Eri Otoguro (Otoguro Eri)
Birth date: October 12, 1982
Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand (Kanagawa native)
Blood type: O
Height: 5′ 5″ (165cm)
Interests: English, Chinese, action

Eri-Otoguro-01 Eri-Otoguro-02 Eri-Otoguro-03 Eri-Otoguro-04 Eri-Otoguro-05 Eri-Otoguro-06 Eri-Otoguro-07 Eri-Otoguro-08 Eri-Otoguro-09 Eri-Otoguro-10 Eri-Otoguro-11 Eri-Otoguro-12 Eri-Otoguro-13 Eri-Otoguro-14 Eri-Otoguro-15 Eri-Otoguro-16 Eri-Otoguro-17 Eri-Otoguro-18 Eri-Otoguro-19 Eri-Otoguro-20

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