Sudsapda’s Most Huggable Girls of 2013


Like every year “Sudsapda Magazine” puts out a list of selected candidates for fans to vote most huggable.  The girls who make the cover aren’t likely the top 10.  Any female candidates that made the top 10 but unable to make the shoot forfeit their right as being named top 10.   Usually an official list of the top 10 is released, but for various reasons this year the official list will not be released.   For those of you who voted to have your favorite on this cover, you might feel some disappointment.

10HugGirl2013_01 10HugGirl2013_02 10HugGirl2013_03 10HugGirl2013_04 10HugGirl2013_05 10HugGirl2013_06 10HugGirl2013_07 10HugGirl2013_08 10HugGirl2013_09 10HugGirl2013_10


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