Davika Hoorne

Davika Hoorne

Mai is the recent Thailand 7 highlighted a new generation actor, she was born in 1992 in Bangkok Thailand, after the model of identity debut. She shot the first drama “Superman” will leave a deep impression on people, and the first broadcast of “shadow” Cupid is many Thai fans the classic heart, and she and Weir couple portfolio is subject to many viewers, the recent hit “delicious” and indeed people a stunning. Although she is so far only she starred in three TV dramas, but to her beautiful appearance and excellent acting won many fans heart, become the 7 popular huadan.


Name : Davika Hoorne
Nickname : Mai
Profession : Actress
Date of birth : 16 May 1992
Birthplace : Thailand
Race : Thai/Belgium
Height : 173 cm
Star sign : Taurus
Hobbies : Watching Movies, Twitter, Motorcycle
Favorite Actress : Kob Suvanant Kongying

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