Nanthawan Wannachutha – Miss Supranational Thailand 2012

nanthawan04 Nanthawan Wannachutha was crowned Miss Supranational Thailand 2012 at the Dream Hotel in Bangkok on August 1st, 2012. Nanthawan is 26 years old and stands 1.76 cm. She represented Thailand at the Miss Supranational 2012 pageant finals in Sopot, Poland, from August 28th to September 16th, 2012. Nanthawan is a professional model. In 2010 she won the second runner-up at the World Super Model pageant in China, and in 2011 won the Fashion Asia Award for Best Female of the Year. 190559_519800331416655_356474153_n 428672_516578998405455_1903475513_n Miss-Supranational-Thailand-2012-Nanthawan-Wannachutha-640x960 nanthawan01 nanthawan02 nanthawan03 nanthawan10 nanthawan11 Nanthawan-Wannachutha-01-640x960 Nanthawan-Wannachutha-02-640x960 Nanthawan-Wannachutha-03-640x960 Nanthawan-Wannachutha-04-640x960 Nanthawan-Wannachutha-05-640x960



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