Tangmo Pattarathida shooting for Thailand’s Maxim


Maxim has released its first issue of year 2012 with Tangmo Pattarathida, showing off her sexy and elegant figure. According to the behind-the-scene clip, this is Tangmo’s fifth time shooting for Thailand’s Maxim, making her a model that appeared on this magazine the most for the past seven years.

tangmo-pattarathida-01 tangmo-pattarathida-03 tangmo-pattarathida-04 tangmo-pattarathida-05 tangmo-pattarathida-07 tangmo-pattarathida-08 tangmo-pattarathida-09 tangmo-pattarathida-10 tangmo-pattarathida-02 tangmo-pattarathida-11


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