Atom Phakjira (อะตอม ภัคจิรา)


Phakjira Vissavavisut or better known as Atom, is a sexy model and newcomer actress in Thailand entertainment industry. Atom is also known as the “Aum Patcharapa #2” due to their similarity but Atom definitely has a lot more chest than Aum does. She is definitely a massive destructive atomic bomb!

Name: Atom (อะตอม) / Phakjira Vissavavisut (ภัคจิรา วิศววิสุทธิ์)
Date of Birth: Jun 17, 1984
Measurement: 35 24 25

atom_phakjira atom_phakjira-001 atom_phakjira-002 atom_phakjira-003 atom_phakjira-004 atom_phakjira-005 atom_phakjira-007 atom_phakjira-008 atom_phakjira-055 atom_phakjira-057 atom_phakjira-058 atom_phakjira-059 atom_phakjira-060 atom_phakjira-062 atom_phakjira-063 atom_phakjira-064 atom_phakjira-065 atom_phakjira-067 atom_phakjira-101 atom_phakjira-103 atom_phakjira-104 atom_phakjira-111 atom_phakjira-116 atom_phakjira-118 atom_phakjira-122 atom_phakjira-124 atom_phakjira-125 atom_phakjira-185 atom_phakjira-195 atom_phakjira-197 atom_phakjira-203 atom_phakjira-215 atom_phakjira-221 atom_phakjira-222 atom_phakjira-224


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