Pilasinee Pichaikulworasiri พิลาสินี พิชัยกุลวรสิริ


Pilasinee Pichaikulworasiri (พิลาสินี พิชัยกุลวรสิริ) or nicknamed as Ice ไอซ์ is an MC, model and VJ from Bangkok, Thailand. Ice graduated from the University of Technology Bangkok with a BA degree in Faculty of Home Economics. She started off as an MC and was featured in Thailand Allure magazine Volume 6. Since then, Ice has done a variety of other entertainment projects but she is most well known at this time as being the VJ Icing for Allure Zaa TV channel.


Name: Pilasinee Pichaikulworasiri (พิลาสินี พิชัยกุลวรสิริ)
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Measurements: 33 25 35
pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-01 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-02 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-16 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-18 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-28 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-19 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-26 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-20 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-17 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-03 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-04 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-05 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-06 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-07 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-08 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-09 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-10 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-11 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-12 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-13 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-14 pilasinee-pichaikulworasiri-15

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