Woranut Bhirombhakdi


Still remember Thai babe Woranuch Wongsawan ,whom we featured not long ago? This week we’ve got new photo sets of Woranuch Wongsawan to share with you on our thai sirens website .

Woranut Bhirombhakdi or usually known by her nickname Noon ( born 24 September 1980 ), is a Thai actress in Thai soap operas and films. Her First lakorn role is Pob Pee Fa which is the scariest role of all her lakorn. She made her feature-film debut in the 2005 Thai film Choem , or Midnight My Love, directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee.

She portrayed Nual a “masseuse” working in a Bangkok massage parlour who forms a relationship with downtrodden cab driver, Bati, played by Petchtai Wongkamlao. Noon has received many awards for her roles in her different lakorns, including the “Top Awards 2004, Best Leading Actress award” for the lakorn Mae Ai Sa-uen, beating Pachrapa Chaichua. Noon also co-hosts the show Thi Ni Mo Chit.


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