Chanya Tamada

Stir up a fake controversy or a scandal, gather up a few paparazzi or press personnel and you’ve booked yourself a ticket to stardom. Though it’s not always foolproof (we’re looking at you, Montana Fishburne), it has worked well for publicity hogs like Kim K. and Paris Hilton. That just might be the road that Chanya Tamada is traveling. The Thai-Japanese babe made waves when she was spotted with a known Thai .

Popular Name: Chanya Tamada
Real Name: Chanya Tamada
Nationality: Thailand
Place & date of birth : Shibuya-ku sendagaya Tokyo, Japan / October 07, 1987
Live : Bangkok, Thailand
Height / Weight: 167 cm / 50 kg
Occupation: Actrees
Hobby: Traveling
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