Mei Kurokawa 黒川芽以


Mei Kurokawa (黒川芽以 Kurokawa Mei, born on 13 May 1987 in Nishitōkyō, Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese actress and singer. Her given name Mei originates from her birth month (May) in English. She has been frequently featured in many Japanese dramas and films.


  • The Haunted Apartments (怪談新耳袋劇場版 幽霊マンション?) (2005)
  • Keitai Deka The Movie (ケータイ刑事 THE MOVIE バベルの塔の秘密〜銭形姉妹への挑戦状?) (2006)
  • Nekonade (ネコナデ?) (2008)
  • Boys on the Run (2010)[1]
  • Sweet Little Lies (2010)
  • Carnation (2011, TV series)
  • Yakuza Weapon (2011)
  • Killers (2014)


Name Mei Kurokawa
Japanese: 黒川芽以 (くろかわ めい)
Birthdate: May 13, 1987
Birthplace: Nishitokyo, Tokyo Japan
Education: Horikoshi High School
Height: 160cm.
Blood Type: O

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