Ammy Athitaya

Ammy Athitaya

She is a catwalk model in Thailand and with her high forhead, long arms and long legs they say she has the perfect form for what she does. But her friends in school started calling her Alien because she looked so, uh, different.

The name sort of stuck and people still use that for her nickname. But now that she is all grown up she really has an interesting look and if any aliens happen to land in my backyard I hope they look like her.

Ammy-Athitaya-01 Ammy-Athitaya-02 Ammy-Athitaya-03 Ammy-Athitaya-04 Ammy-Athitaya-06 Ammy-Athitaya-07 Ammy-Athitaya-08 Ammy-Athitaya-09 Ammy-Athitaya-10 Ammy-Athitaya-11

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