Pitchaya Chaowalit Srithep


  • Fang have change her last name Srithep to Chaowalit.
  • Fang won Miss.Teen Thailand in 2003.
  • Her first lakorn she played was for Ch7. After she played a few lakorn for Ch7 she moved to Exact company which is with Ch5.


  • New name: Pitchaya Chaowalit
  • Old Name: Pitchaya Srithep
  • Nickname: Fang
  • Profession: Actress
  • Date of birth: March 5, 1988
  • Height: 168 cm.
  • Marital Status: Dating AA Perawatch
  • Best friend: Airin Yoogthatat
  • Education: Thammasat University (study law) – [Graduates 2011]
  • Others Suff: Won Miss.Teen Thailand 2003


Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-00 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-01 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-02 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-03 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-04 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-05 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-06 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-07 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-08 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-09 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-11 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-12 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-13 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-14 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-15 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-16 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-17 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-18 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-19 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-20 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-21 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-22 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-23 Pitchaya-Srithep-Chaowalit-24

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