Woonsen Virithipa

woosen-virithipa-014Woonsen Virithipa is among the first modesl we featured on our thai sirens website . Today we have some new photos of her that we like for you to enjoy !

Currently married to Chakrit and still remaining beautiful. She was once voted as FHM 100 SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD 2010 and “The Sexiest VJ in Thailand 2010”. Currently having some rumors going on that her husband family isn’t happy about her not having a baby anytime soon, as they planned to love and travel without worrying too much about future baby first, quite a good choice I guess! . She is the second year winner of Channel Thailand VJ Search contest


Name : Virithipa Pakdeeprasong
Nickname: Woonsen
Birthday : 1 April 1981
Marital Status : Married to Chakrit Yamnarm (Krit)
Education : Bangkok University Communication Arts Major

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