Pechaya Wattanamontree

Pechaya Wattanamontree

Born April 28, 1989, Min has the sweetest looking eyes of all Thai Women. She has a warm and cute personality and her first breakthrough into Thai entertianment is when she attained first runner up for Misteen Thailand 2006.

The actress/model/singer Min then went on to win Best New-coming Actress 2010 for acting role in drama Pla Boo Thon. She was also voted at 15th place for FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2012! Furthermore, she’s still young and still has lots of opportunity to shine through the Thai celebrity scene. Just look at her picture right here.. she’s definitely Thailand Number 1 dream girlfriend!

Name: Pechaya Wattanamontree
Nickname: Min
Profession: actress/model/singer
Date of birth: April 28, 1989
Birthplace: Khon Kaen, Thailand
Height: 165cm
Marital Status: Single
Family: Mom, Dad, and 1 older brother named Mac
Best friend: Ungsumalin Sirapatsakmetha
Hobbies:Basketball, Badminton
Education: Assumption University (ABAC) (Faculty of Arts Business), majoring in Business Administration and a minor in English

Pechaya Wattanamontree pechaya-wattanamontree-02 pechaya-wattanamontree-03 pechaya-wattanamontree-05 pechaya-wattanamontree-06 pechaya-wattanamontree-07 pechaya-wattanamontree-08 pechaya-wattanamontree-09 pechaya-wattanamontree-10 pechaya-wattanamontree-11 pechaya-wattanamontree-12 pechaya-wattanamontree-13 pechaya-wattanamontree-14 pechaya-wattanamontree-15 pechaya-wattanamontree-16 pechaya-wattanamontree-17 pechaya-wattanamontree-18 pechaya-wattanamontree-19 pechaya-wattanamontree-20

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