Charebelle Lallalin and Mo Monchanok


This month’s first issue of In Magazine features two newly debuted actresses under Exact (Ch5), Charebelle Lallalin and Mo Monchanok. Both of them appeared as Nang’ek in their first lakorn, Likit Fah Chata Din. At the moment, Charebelle is having one lakorn with Exact, Dok Soke, which is currently airing and still filming (and is receiving so much attention and TV ratings).

Mo Monchanok (21) has a really cute smile and eyes. She is one of a few actresses who looks good with short haircut. Charebelle (20), on the other hand looks more matured that Mo despite the fact that she’s a year younger. She is beautiful, rather than cute. Both of them look so lovely in the photos, but they appeal to you in a different way.

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