Neko Jump


Neko Jump is a Thai idol unit that first debuted in September 2006. It is made up of two twin sisters – Noey (Real Name: Warattha Imraporn / Left ) and Jam (Real Name: Charattha Imraporn / Right). They were born on 10th December 1989, and are currently both college students. The nicknames ‘Noey’ and ‘Jam’ were given to them at birth, and mean ‘butter and jam’.

Noey’s favorite food is grilled egg, and Jam’s favorite is ‘unadon’ (eel and rice). The one Japanese phrase they have perfected is ‘Where can I find the cosmetics store?’. Their voices are perfectly synchronized when saying that phrase — and also when they are singing!

Their debut mini album, ‘Neko Jump’, was released in Thailand, and included the song ‘Poo’ which featured many references to Japanese ‘Moe’ culture in its music video. Donning cute pink checkered sailor outfits, they had a natural synchronization that can only be seen with twins. Not only did the album become popular in Thailand, it also quickly grabbed the attention of Thai Pop followers in Japan.

Their second album, ‘Joob Joob’ was released in October 2007 with a third album following in October 2008 titled ‘Lady Ready!’. With every release their visual appearance (make-up and costumes) changed completely, yet still pure to their style.

In March 2007 and 2008 they performed live with other Thai idols. Their fans in Thailand had increased substantially since their debut, mostly fans of about their age. On the popular Thai message board ‘hi5’, the Neko Jump page now has over 90000 fans.

In March 2009, Misako Aoki (leader in Lolita fashion), Yu Kimura (leader in Harajuku fashion) and Shizuka Fujioka (CONOMi advisor) all visited Bangkok for the Japanese Cultural Festival, ‘Kawaii Festa’ as guests. They acted as a bridge to Japan for the girls.

On December 23rd 2009, their first maxi single debuted in Japan. The single was titled ‘Poo/Chuai mad noi’ and reached 9th place on the Oricon Daily Charts. The single’s music was also used as the opening and ending theme to the anime ‘Animal Detective Kuruminzoo’. Their debut in Japan as well as their tie-up to a Japanese anime series become well-known throughout Japan, as well as back home in Thailand.

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