Thailand – China Relations Increase

It was recently reported that China continues to grow its influence in Thailand, one of its neighbours.  Since much of Thailand’s economic and developmental support has been from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, especially in the late 80s and 90s, there was a large American influence on its tourism, culture, and trade policies.  This is changing, however, as China has increased efforts to take lead on support Thailand and its economic and political prosperity.


The new announcement comes from Nation Media, which states that:

Thailand-China relationship over the next decades will become closer in every way, including trade, investment, tourism and services based on mutual benefit, while China will also play a more significant role throughout the Asean region as a key economic supporter, observers say.”


The two drivers of this new agreement build upon the Thailand – China Free Trade Agreement and the new ASEAN Regional Comprehensive Partnership.  These two agreements have been 5 decades in the making, and the National Ministers and Trade Officials have reaffirmed their dedication to developing stronger ties to improve both economies.


Possible ideas that will strengthen the relations include an 873 KM Railway to help with imports and exports, of which the first |leg will run from Bangkok to |Kaeng Khoi in Saraburi province and Map Ta Phut in Chon Buri. The second will link Kaeng Khoi and Nong Khai.”


The increased relations may also work to reduce some of the corruption that seems to plague the Thai government, as people continue to hold matters close to heart regarding their personal freedoms, and the rules of new politicians, but most people agree that a more prosperous country should alleviate some of the dissension.

China has earmarked itself as a global leader both in Asia, and abroad, and has help Thailand increase its overall trade volume by over 100% in less than 10 years, from 3 Billion Bt to over 35 Billion Bt.  Let’s hope this growth translates into a healthy and prosperous nation to make Thailand one of the most sought after destinations on Earth.  It has the beautiful women, now if just needs some more prosperity!



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